Pet friendly apartments in West Melbourne

Pet-Friendly Lifestyle

  • Leash-Free Fenced Pet Playgrounds
  • Large Pets Welcome
  • Doggie DNA Program to Control Pet Waste - Coming Soon!
  • Pet Area

We Are One Of The Most Pet-Friendly Apartments In West Melbourne

We are a very pet-friendly community and cannot wait for you to bring your pet with to your new home! Below is a brief summary of our pet policy. Speak with a leasing representative for more details!

The Haven at West Melbourne


4550 Explorer Dr West Melbourne, FL 32904

We Allow

  • Cats
  • Birds*
  • Salt and Fresh-Water Fish**
  • Most Exotic Pets* - Reptiles, Amphibians, etc.
  • Small Furry Animals - Mice, Rabbits, Ferrets, etc.
  • Most Dog Breeds (please see below)

* Birds and exotic pets must be kept in cages/tanks/aquariums

** Large fish tanks may require additional liability insurance

Required For All Pets

  • Current Photo of the Pet
  • Veterinary/Registration Records

Required For All Dogs

  • Up-to-Date Vaccination Records
  • Covered by Your Liability Insurance

Restricted Dog Breeds - Not Allowed

  • Bull Terrier (i.e. English, Staffordshire, American)
  • Pit Bull
  • Rottweiler
  • Doberman

Conditional Dog Breeds***

  • German Shepherd
  • Chow Chow
  • Malamute
  • Akita
  • Wolf/Wolf Hybrid
  • Unknown "mixed" breeds
  • "Mixed" breeds that include one of the breeds from the Restricted list

*** Approved only with proof of having passed obedience training and after passing an in-person "interview" with a member of the leasing team